Open Light Motion

Tracking drones in infrared

OLM is the prototype of a diy low cost drone cave. Is a  modular sistem for real-time 3D tracking, oriented to  UAVs or drones, but also extendable to any object. It is based on the Pixy camera and consists of a wireless module, firmware, and a programming library for the programming language Processing for serial communication with drones.


The software of this project is licensed under the general public license GPL v3, and content with creative commons by-sa licenses.


OLM is a tracking device of infrared light based on small light markers, which can be active or passive.


The system process the movement through a network of smart cameras. Distributed computing allows calculation in real time.

OLM Nodes

It is the software in charge of sending via wifi the coordinates x and y of the detected point, to the network of OLM cameras by UDP messages.

It runs on a wifi shield for Pixy Camera in a ESP8266 chip.

You can download the firmware through the github repository.

Processing Drones

It is the main library used to connect to the drone’s flight board, it works by sending MSP Multiwii Serial Protocol messages. Once we know precisely the three-dimensional position of the UAV through OLM Nodes, we can move it accurately.




We are in the process of developing our own designed mini quadcopters mounted on a pcb structure.

The design is based on the CJMCU board and is equivalent. Supports Cleanflight drone control firmware

This board has two UART ports and one SPI in which different communication modules can be connected: ESP8266 for Wifi or NRF24L01 for long distance radio frequency. You can read more about the CJCMCU2 board.

Open Light Motion is a project of Aeracoop conceived by Lot Amorós with the colaboration of Ugo Riboni, Daniel Pajuelo and the technical consultation of  Miguel Angel de Heras.
Designed and developed at Interaction Laboratory of HANGAR.ORG and Made Makerspace Barcelona.